A Graduate Once... An Alumni Forever

Make a Big Impact: Become a Big Stinger! – JACKET FOREVER ENDOWMENT

With an initial gift from the Class of ’63, the SA/KHS Alumni Association established the Jackets Forever endowment fund in 2013 to support academic programs at SAHS and provide the best educational opportunities for future generations of Yellow Jackets. The endowment will provide a stable source of funds that will only grow.​

We invite you to join a select group of loyal alumni who are making major gifts to the endowment. This is an extraordinary opportunity to say thank you to the people who helped us gain the knowledge, skills, and experiences that helped us lead satisfying, productive lives. Your generous gift also helps ensure that future students will graduate prepared for success, and eventually continuing the tradition of giving back.

There are currently no online options available for making donations to the Jackets Forever Endowment Fund. As a result, checks and/or cash donations designated for the Jackets Forever Endowment Fund should be mailed or hand delivered to Trevor Davis, CPA, treasurer, board member (904-819-1799) at 17 Pacific Street, Suite A, St. Augustine, FL 32084. Please make your checks payable to “Jackets Forever Endowment Fund” or “SA/KHS Alumni Association” with a note in the memo section of the check indicating “Jackets Forever Endowment Fund”.

Support is in high gear under the endowment committee, whose members include:

Leonard Pellicer, Chair, Katherine Keller Batenhorst, Robin Burchfield, Susan Longo Cowperthwaite, Deborah Geanuleas and Doug Wiles​

New ways to give have been established, such as designating Jackets Forever in estate plans or as a life insurance beneficiary. Pledges can be paid out over multiple years. Gifts are made in honor or memory of loved ones. And major donors (those who pledge $5,000 or more ) earn their own designation — “Big Stingers!”​

Thank you to our Big Stingers! The following Jackets have pledged $5,000 or more to the Jackets Forever Endowment:​

Katherine Keller Batenhorst & Todd Batenhorst
Susan Longo Cowperthwaite & Robert Cowperthwaite
Lee & Deborah Geanuleas
Leonard’s Studio, Len & Jean Tucker and Claudia Dencer
Sue-Ellen Gamble Mosler

Doug & Doris Wiles​
Ron & Nancy Birchall
Brad & Dawn Davis
Paul & Julia Kalv
Ron & Martha Mickler

Leonard & Nancy Pellicer
Rick & Robin Burchfield
Frank DiMare
John Lee, Lamont Morse
Barbara Beals Shapiro
Suzanne Queen Hoffman

The purpose of this association is to support St Augustine High School students and alumni through scholarship, mentorship, fellowship and community involvement, the support of such purposes, to be exclusively charitable, to make and receive contribution as and for this association that qualify as exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and any corresponding law of the state of Florida.

A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free within the state, 800-435-7362 or visiting www.FloridaConsumerHelp.com. Registraion does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. Your contribution would be deductible to the full extent allowed by law as long as no goods or services were provided by the organization in return for your contribution. For state purposes our registration number is CH8697.